How It Works

I will give you a free appraisal of your items so you know you are being treated FAIR!

No games!

If you have an itemized list of items please forward it and we will make an offer. Use us as your baseline if you want to shop your items around locally.

Don’t get ripped off by “Cash for Gold” places or Craigslist scammers – Let a trusted, local professional appraise your items TODAY!

Pawn shops, many Jewelry stores and other buyers will not tell you what the value of your items are. They will pay as low as 30-40% up to 70% of spot price. They will also talk over your head so you don’t know the true value of your items. I purchase based on silver content and not numismatic (collectible) value. I may pay more if the coin is very collectible and that may require some research. My value is the metal content only.

On Ebay you will make about 80% after Ebay fees, time spent listing, shipping costs and any other fees including Paypal.