• Sell your coins

    We specialize in buying silver and gold coins, rounds and bars and paying out fair prices based on current market values.

    Private buyers paying cash – we offer a minimum 80% of silver and gold at current spot prices.
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  • Paying the Best Prices

    I will give you a free appraisal of your items so you know you are being treated fair, no games.

    Don’t get ripped off by “Cash for Gold” places or Craigslist scammers – Let a trusted, local professional appraise your items today.
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  • Get a free quote today

    I personally answer each and every email received. No lot too big or too small.

    Email us to get started today, and get the best market price for your silver or gold coins. We guarantee at least 80% of spot price.
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How It Works

Pawn shops, many Jewelry stores and other buyers will not tell you what the value of your items are. They will pay as low as 30-40% up to 70% of spot price.

Get a fair price for your coins.

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